from a dream to reality...       

We here at Boar Products have been avid hunters & gun collectors for years. We have been trying to find the best products to protect & lubricate our guns without leaving the typical chemical residue and smell on yourself as well as your guns. So we decided that we needed to find a better way, and started reading and researching what was used to lubricate and protect weapons over the years, and from this we tested several different formulas. After years of trial, error and testing, we not only found a lubricant great for guns, but an all purpose cleaner/ lubricant that can be used in a variety of ways. While working on expanding our line we found that some of our formulas work amazingly well as hand lotion and balm for the driest, cracked skin! We are continuing to work on refining and expanding our line of products, as our goal is to always bring you the best line of natural products for your money.

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